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Home » We Will Breathe: Deontay Wilder inspires with ‘Fighting To This Day’ speech

We Will Breathe: Deontay Wilder inspires with ‘Fighting To This Day’ speech

Former heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder has spoken out in support of the current Black Lives Matter movement happening around the world.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ – who is a strong advocate of equal rights, addressed his social media following with an inspiring and poetic speech.

Wilder cut a hurt figure as he attempted to reach his audience in order to stress the importance of the fight to normalize equality.

He said: “To this day! – As if four hundred years of slavery wasn’t enough,” began Wilder. “From the womb as a black man, we was born to be tough.

“Lynched, whipped, burned was a thing of the past. But To This Day, jailed, raped, gunned. How long will it last?

“As if Malcolm X and MLK (Martin Luther King) wasn’t a must. As Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and Trayvon Martin all died from, well, just being us.

“Dark like molasses, black like the night. United we stand, together we fight.

George Floyd WBC The Rock

“Fighting for Ahmaud Arbery and all of the others. Tell me why y’all killing all our sisters and brothers. To this day, I don’t remember a time when none of my people did anything to you people other than work hard and try to be equal.

“Now y’all mad at protesters and riots. We showed you nothing but peace. We done being quiet.

“To this day, to this day, to this day!

“Justice and peace for George Floyd and all the others. May their souls rest in peace.

“We will breathe!”


Those poignant and echoing words come after the twelfth day of protesting following the shocking murder of George Floyd.

Floyd, 43, was killed by ex-cop Derek Chauvin pressing on his neck for almost nine minutes in Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Anthony Joshua, one of the arch-rivals of Wilder, was pictured addressing crowds in the UK on Saturday in order to show solidarity for the BLM cause.

Tyson Fury has also pointed out the racial abuse his people have to deal with on a daily basis from the traveler community.