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Even heavyweight champ isn’t safe from racism

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Examples of Tyson Fury racism by those adverse to his gypsy background have been outlined by the world heavyweight champ this week.

Speaking on GMB, Fury revealed he suffers from disgusting discrimination due to his heritage as a traveler.

The 31-year-old, a two-time world ruler and current number one on the planet, discussed the ongoing situation as protests sweep both sides of the Atlantic following the death of George Floyd.

Heavyweight champion

“I’m a white male, and I suffered racism in 2020 because I’m a traveler. I come from an ethnic background,” Fury told Piers Morgan.

“Even today, you go into pubs, bars, restaurants. It says, ‘we reserve the right to not let travelers in. No travelers allowed, gypsies or travelers.

“So it’s not just black people who suffer racism. I think travelers are the most acceptable form of racism in Britain and worldwide.

“It’s still acceptable to be racist towards travelers. Nothing ever gets done about it. No one ever says anything. It’s just accepted, and it is what it is.

“It’s terrible because you can’t judge everybody with the same brush.”


After calling what happened to Floyd ‘unacceptable’, Fury delved into his own experiences – as recent as the last few years.

“To have such things go on in my life with what I’ve been through and to see that on doors, to even be refused as a person, not as an ethnic group or whatever, as a person, I’ve been refused entry even when I was world heavyweight champion.

“I know what it feels like to be racist. Unacceptable behavior at any time of the year and from anybody.

“And it’s not just whites, blacks, browns. Anyone can be a racist person. Any color, any background. It doesn’t matter. You can see it, and it needs to change.”

It can even happen to the heavyweight champ.

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