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Home » Viral Mike Tyson tweet on ‘white people riots’ is fake

Viral Mike Tyson tweet on ‘white people riots’ is fake

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A shocking post released during the current unrest claiming to be from the Twitter account of former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is fake.

Rumors had been circulating social media that Tyson tweeted and deleted it soon after. WBN understands this is not true.

The words did not come from Mike Tyson and were doctored to look as though they came from his account.

Mike Tyson tweet

Quite inciteful in their content, the words read: “If white people rioted every time a black man killed them, we’d never have any peace.”

This is not something that would ever come from Mike Tyson. It is simply an attempt to polarize the ongoing situation.

Tyson is hard training for a comeback to boxing in the coming months. It comes after announcing his decision to return after a fifteen-year absence.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ had not posted anything on his Twitter account from May 24 through to June 1 due to his concentration on training camp.

Unrest has been rife in America. Tyson and his former opponent Evander Holyfield prepare for a potential trilogy fight by the end of the year.

Reports have surfaced that the pair may be willing to accept an offer from the Middle East to trade blows again under monitored conditions.

Now, boxing is not only on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. The world is focused on what’s happening in the United States.


Civilians are protesting the murder of George Floyd as a small minority take the opportunity to loot and send out the wrong message.

President Trump is accused of breaking up a peaceful rally to participate in a photo opportunity on Monday.

More must be done to combat the treatment of those who struggle daily with police brutality.

Trump is yet to address the situation entirely. This is despite high-profile celebrities and media calling for someone to lead the country.

To offer some calming tone. They need it right now.