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Home » George Floyd: ‘All Lives Matter’ counters ‘part of the problem’ – Lou DiBella

George Floyd: ‘All Lives Matter’ counters ‘part of the problem’ – Lou DiBella

Promoter Lou DiBella, famous for his absolute devotion to the sport for many years, has spoken out on the current issues facing America.

Firstly, ahead of ‘Blackout Tuesday’ – which DiBella announced his intention to be a part of, the New Yorker had several comments on the delicate situation.

George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by a now ex-police officer in Derek Chauvin whilst being pinned down in a Minneapolis street.

Since then, tensions around the country have been escalating as supporters of justice for the black community protest peacefully.

For far too long have black voices failed to be properly heard. This is despite several unlawful killings at the hands of those employed to protect and serve. Not to mention unjustified black deaths at the hands of whites who face little to no punishment for homicides.

From recent incidents involving Ahmaud Arbery, chased, shot, and killed on February 23rd near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia to Breonna Taylor, slain in her own home by Louisville Metro Police Department. Taylor was shot eight times on March 13th.

Plenty of other names will live long in the memory due to the callous nature of their passing. Eric Garner, to name just one more. Eric was choked to death by police on a New York street, eerily shouting ‘I can’t breathe’ in the same way as George Floyd.

This kind of occurrence does not happen to ‘All Lives’-  it’s predominantly a problem within the black community. White people do not have any trouble walking the streets. They do not live in fear of being murdered when questioned or arrested by police.

The issue certainly lies with equality and runs deep over many years.


For his part, and rightly so, DiBella took an opportunity over the past few days to give those who attempt to make the issue about ‘all lives’ a dressing down.

“If the term #BlackLivesMatter sets you off, or causes you to immediately counter with ‘all lives matter’, at this moment in history, then you are part of the problem,” pointed out DiBella.

Later, on his feed, DiBella aired his views on what he’d witnessed.

“I’m praying for the people and businesses on #Fordham Rd., in the #Bronx, who don’t deserve and can ill afford the violence being perpetrated on their neighborhood this evening.

“Prayers up for all the communities that are similarly being torn up. Folded hands #PeacefulProtests, please!

“It’s disheartening to watch poor, middle class, and working people suffer as their neighborhoods, buildings and small businesses are looted and burnt.

“Many of these are black and brown owned. Convenient that this havoc strengthens a cycle of racial, economic, and social inequity.” – Lou DiBella

We stand for Love. 

We stand for Hope.


We stand for Peace.

We stand for Unity.


We stand for Diversity.

We stand for Acceptance.


We stand for Solidarity.

We stand for Change.


We stand against Racism.

Never Give up the Fight.

#TheShowMustBePaused #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter