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George Floyd: Boxing stands with racism issue of paramount importance

Boxing is standing up to be counted following the senseless murder of George Floyd at the hands of former Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin.

Justified outrage continues to sweep across our great sport as protests extend to another week in the United States.

Plenty of big-name boxers, past and present are now using their platform to call for change. This kind of discrimination against the black community has gone on far too long.

Everything fought for by the likes of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, right up to the eventuality of a black US President, has been pushed to one side over the past few years.

Now, the Black Lives Matter movement is fighting back…and so is boxing.

In the words of Killer Mike, we must plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize in order to restore a sense of justice in the world.

George Floyd, 46, was blatantly killed on the streets of Minneapolis by a man who believed he would get away with it. That’s entirely where the problem lies.

Several further instances of polar opposite treatment of whites and blacks in America have been evident over the past few days.

From white men carrying guns on the streets to patrol black protesters, which if reversed would have certainly led to more deaths in the innocent African Americans, to extremists using a protest as their right to loot high-end stores and blame it on the movement.

It’s a daily struggle out there for everyone fighting of the cause.

This is not helped by the current President, Donald Trump. The 45th cleared a pathway of peaceful protestors in Washington in order to make a thirty-second political video.

Those in the streets were hit with rubber bullets, tear gas and flashbangs, all in order to enable Trump to walk the streets and take his photo-op.

It was reported that Trump did so after criticism was aimed at him for hiding in a bunker on Friday amidst initial protests outside The White House.

Top names in our sport have taken a stance by speaking up on the senseless death of George Floyd.


“I’m not sure how many videos of black men dying by excessive police force we have to continue seeing before saying enough is enough.

“Black power exists economically and politically, but these days it seems more like a horse that allows itself to be harnessed by a string. #organize



Inspire change. Break the cycle. Be the light. We must come together in times of crisis. Praying for peace in the world, hope, and healing to all. God Bless.


“We can’t destroy the Love we have for each other, that’s what angers us most. We break a window, then our heart breaks because we still love you.

“Thus the song, ”You always hurt the one you Love.”


“If you are tolerant of #racism, if you don’t feel disdain for #racists, if you are not enraged by what happened to #GeorgeFloyd and countless men and women before him, THEN YOU’RE RACIST.

“Period. There is no middle ground or gray area… you stand against racists or you are one.”