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Home » Floyd Mayweather George Floyd funeral check for $88,500 posted online

Floyd Mayweather George Floyd funeral check for $88,500 posted online

Floyd Mayweather has sent his check to the Robert Swearington Fort Bend Memorial fund in order to cover the $88,500 costs of George Floyd’s funeral.

As promised, the former pound for pound king will pay for the funeral of the slain 46-year-old, as well as any subsequent services thereafter.

Mayweather put his hand in his pocket after being touched by the story of yet another black man being murdered by police.

The actual check was posted online by Hollywood Unlocked and TMZ.

Floyd was pinned down for almost nine minutes due to a knee to his neck. He suffocated halfway through as ex-cop Derek Chauvin relentlessly applied pressure.

The death of Floyd has caused outrage around the world. It’s resulted in seven nights of protests across the United States.

Riots, looting, and further police brutality have resulted from chaotic scenes that have been made worse by a lack of empathy from President Donald Trump.

Instead of trying to calm the situation, Trump decided to break up a peaceful protest with tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets in order to pose for pictures outside a church.

Trump’s complete lack of leadership as heightened tensions. There now seems to be no end to the deadlock on either side.

The US military is on standby to enter certain states if the Governors fail to regain control, according to ‘The Leader of Law or Order’.

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As for Mayweather, yet another sign of compassion from the five-weight world champion proves his affinity with the people.

A generous donation for the cause at hand will give the family of George Floyd much-needed relief from expenses as they mourn a considerable loss.


Floyd Mayweather has been a class act on many occasions in the past. His support for those in the black community who struggles is unwavering.

Retiring from boxing in 2017, Mayweather earned almost one billion dollars over the past decade alone and claimed the WBN Fighter of the Decade Award for 2010 to 2019.