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Blackout Tuesday 2020 – Protesters await the arrest of three more officers

Blackout Tuesday 2020 has seen boxing join the rest of the world in raising awareness for the current plight of the black community.

Following the shocking and senseless death of George Floyd in Minnesota, there has been widespread outrage over the use of force by police.

Several states have seen protests overshadowed by riots and violence. Further police brutality has also resulted in the form of tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.

In tandem with all the major outlets, our great sport has stood shoulder to shoulder with those feeling the pain of what transpired last week.

George Floyd, 46, was held down by officer Derek Chauvin for almost nine minutes. The last four of which a medical examiner has since ruled the former bouncer was unconscious during.

On Blackout Tuesday 2020, the major aim is for everyone to stop what they usually do. To put every ounce of effort into raising awareness for the cause.

Some have mistakenly used the ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag alongside Blackout Tuesday. This has caused some problems with blacked-out segments taking up space on social media.

This was not the initial hope. Those two phrases should not be coupled together on Instagram or Twitter for the rest of the day.

The likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, Lou DiBella, Evander Holyfield, and many more have spoken out as civil unrest continues to spread across the United States.

It’s hoped rioting and looting, which has plagued the peaceful side of protests, will calm down before the curfew later in the day.

For now, awareness is the key to change. Black lives are being shattered all too often as harsh treatment from police forces and the judicial system takes soul after soul.


George Floyd was one of a long line of tragic outcomes to how black people are being treated by society, especially in America.

Daily incidents of being stopped by law enforcement and treated differently have been around for decades. But those who witnessed Floyd’s last moments on earth finally snapped.

They want a full and frank review of the situation. As soon as possible.

There have also been calls for the NFL to apologize to former star Colin Kaepernick after his treatment in 2016. It was highly despicable and part of the problem today.

The quarterback gave the most public ‘taking a knee’ in some years. A move that has now become a symbol of these troubled times.

Mr. Derek Chauvin also took a knee, one in very different circumstances of what some want to be tried as first-degree murder.

Thus far, charges of third-degree and manslaughter just don’t cut it. Not to mention that three other cops preset are yet to even be charged.

Protests show no signs of stopping. Especially until J Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao, and Thomas Lane are also taken into custody.