Mike Tyson opponent could be the worst kept secret of all time

Mike Tyson stands on the verge of revealing his imminent comeback opponent in what may well turn out to be the worst kept secret in boxing.

Around the same time that Tyson confirmed his intention to don the gloves again, old foe Evander Holyfield revealed his return to the ring.

Both are simultaneously training and posting video clips, with the intention of coming out of retirement to compete for charitable causes.

As things currently stand, neither have been willing to ratify the rumors of a trilogy meeting.

The pair met in the mid-nineties in two massively successful bouts, financially. In the initial meeting, Tyson lost convincingly via TKO in the eleventh.

In the rematch, one of the most controversial events ever seen in a boxing ring took place. Tyson took a chunk out of Holyfield’s ear in what has since become known as ‘The Bite Fight’.

A full 23 years later, Tyson vs Holyfield III could take place under special exhibition circumstances and raise a massive amount for good causes.

Tyson and Holyfield have stated their interest in the bout, although continue to step away from fully stating the fight could happen.

If it does, it may well be a song and dance the fans could have done without.

A mass of media accompanying possible foes in the ilk of Tyson Fury, Lennox Lewis, Tito Ortiz, and Danny Williams have kept both Tyson and Holyfield in the news.

This could be the major reason for shadowing the fact Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield seem on course to collide again.


Speaking recently on his 15-year-delayed return, Tyson was giving nothing away.

“I am in the best shape of my life. God has been merciful to me. I weigh 104 kilos and I feel very good,” he said. “I’m preparing to help those who have been less fortunate than me and I will do so in a fight for charity.

“I will earn that money and help the homeless and addicts. I’ve been through it and I know how difficult it is. There are not as many people who can survive as I do.

“There are many options. Many want to participate in this fight and we are making the necessary arrangements.

“The contract must be signed within a week. I won’t benefit from it. I will not make money from this fight. My money will be donated to the causes I already mentioned,” added Tyson.

Holyfield, 57, is down to an astonishing weight of 215 pounds, according to his recent update. Both ‘The Real Deal’ and ‘The Baddest Man’ looks awesome for their age.

Phil Jay is Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay