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Home » Britain’s Worst Boxer takes ballet lessons to help with ‘clubbed feet’

Britain’s Worst Boxer takes ballet lessons to help with ‘clubbed feet’

‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ has revealed he was ‘discovered’ by a ring legend.

Robin Deakin posted on social media his professional boxer’s license from way back in 2006 and it revealed Frank Warren was his manager.

Deakin, who’s still fighting on the bareknuckle boxing circuit, revealed it was Steve Collins who put them together.

The Irish hero who beat both Chris Eubank sr and Nigel Benn and Deakin said: “Steve saw me box as an amateur in Jersey.

“I fought the top lad over there and was mugging him off. I was blowing kisses at his missus, waving at Steve Collins and having fun.

“Steve heard about my disability and told me afterwards that he’d never seen anything like it. He promised to keep in touch and he lined me up to turn professional with Frank Warren.”

Warren soon gave up on trying to make Deakin a champion and he became a journeyman instead, losing 53 of 55 fights.

“I’m infamous for being rubbish, for being the Eddie the Eagle of boxing,” said Deakin. “But people don’t realise that I was taking on the best fighters out there without even training. I would go to work as a butcher, get a phone call when I got him offering me a fight and I would say: ‘Yeah, let’s have it.’”

Deakin says his next fight could be his last – if he loses a third fight to Shrewsbury electrician Mark Handley.

Their first fight was a draw and then Handley won the rematch.

Deakin says ballet dancing lessons will help him beat Handley next time.

Deakin was born with clubbed feet and said: “I believe that if it wasn’t for my feet, I would have been British champion at least.

“But because of them, I’m flat footed and I’ve got no balance. Ballet should improve my balance. If it worked for (former world champion) Evander Holyfield, I’m hoping it will work for me. This next fight should be easy.”