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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Norwayne Boxing Gym says abuser NOT a member

EXCLUSIVE: Norwayne Boxing Gym says abuser NOT a member

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Representatives of Norwayne Boxing Gym contacted WBN to clarify their position on a recent and shocking elderly abuse video sweeping the internet.

It was thought the 20-year-old man, who has since been arrested for beating two pensioners at Westwood Nursing Center in Michigan, was a full member of the facility.

WBN took information from Detroit press then, although Norwayne has revealed this is not the case.

“Although the young man in question visited our gym on a couple of occasions, he was not a part of our youth development program, nor had he ever represented our gym,” spokesperson Jeff Styers exclusively told World Boxing News.

“The Norwayne Boxing gym is a youth development program for at-risk kids.

“Aside from teaching them life lessons that they can learn from boxing, we have a tutoring program, computer lab, and mentoring program, as well as opportunities for scholarships and trade school opportunities.

“As a former professional boxer myself, I have shouldered this program at a great expense. We are now trying to lean on grants and corporate donations. Other funding to keep this worthwhile program in existence.

“We have never charged a single penny for kids to train at our facility. Anything which would denote ‘a member’.

“We require them to complete paperwork and commit to the program. This young man did neither that would qualify him as a member’.”


Styers continued: “We have assembled an impressive board of Detroit business leaders to help guide the Norwayne Boxing Gym Youth Development program.

“Several local news outlets were also looking for stories related to this. We were adamant and accurate in distancing ourselves from this young man.

“He was never a part of our program,” he concluded.

Detroit Police are still yet to name the offender in an official capacity. This is despite the man’s name, address, and channels being widely shared on social media.

Anyone interested in joining Norwayne Boxing Gym can find more information at

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