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Ammo Williams blasts Billy Joe Saunders after video shame

Austin Ammo Williams, a young middleweight prospect who caused a storm by posting a shocking sparring video, has released a follow-up video.

In it, Williams admits he was wrong to go in so hard on his gym partner and states the ‘one-sided’ video had been removed.

The Matchroom fighter has been roundly blasted by fellow professionals for his actions despite it not being the first time footage like this has been posted.

Williams said the clip ‘would not be going back up as he defended himself in the eye of a social media storm.

Billy Joe Saunders, a two-weight world champion and current super-middleweight ruler, aired his views.

The Briton said: “You big useless Fraggle! That poor man clearly can’t hold his hands up. Proper, when I’m in the US, I’ll move you around. We see what happens then.”

It wasn’t long before Williams responded to Saunders.

“So, Billy Joe Saunders called me out because I ‘went a little too hard in sparring’ (using two-finger quote gesture), and I’m only four years in the sport.

“Isn’t this the same dude who is suspended from boxing because he made jokes about beating women?

“The woman-beater got something to say because I went a little too hard in sparring. Fresh out of quarantine, let me know when you make it into the United States.

“Let me know when you land. I’m not scared of you. Come to the United States. I never turn down a challenge.

“I don’t care if you are thirty, forty years old. World champion, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to show you what I’m all about. C’mon ‘woman-beater.”


Those words will not go down well with Saunders, and bad blood will surely erupt due to what Williams has said.

Despite that fact, it’s unlikely the pair will share the ring anytime soon. Williams is 5-0, and Saunders is on the verge of landing a fight against the pound for pound number one on the planet.

At present, they are opposites in the boxing world.

This hasn’t stopped a tit-for-tat on social media, which is sure to rumble on.