World’s Strongest Man cheat scandal erupts as winners agree boxing bout

Eddie Hall vs Hafþór Björnsson World's Strongest Man Heavyweight

A cheating scandal has erupted between two former World’s Strongest Man winners just a short time after the pair signed on for a Las Vegas boxing match.

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson, who won the title in 2017 and 2018 respectively, have begun a viral war of words in recent days.

It comes just a small period further on from the two agreeing to the ‘heaviest boxing match ever‘ in September 2021.

The fight was scheduled to happen in 2020 until the coronavirus outbreak hit. Judging by what is being said, it could be a long and battling build-up for both Hall and Bjornsson.

Two videos posted recently, one by either champion, allege Bjornsson was robbed of the strongman trophy by Hall three years ago.

Hall and Bjornsson each air their side of the story, which was put together in a short documentary form by Andrew Quinn.

The clip centers on the aptly-named ‘Viking Press’. The event saw Briton Hall beat the Icelandic warrior and former star of ‘Game of Thrones’ by one repetition.

Bjornsson was called out by referee Colin Bryce over ‘double-dipping’ during the event. Warned on several occasions over illegal reps.

As it turned out, the crown went down to the wire – as expected, and that one rep cost Bjornsson the victory.

Now, years later and as Hall and Bjornsson begin boxing training to punch each other’s lights out, the row has ignited again in a bid to fuel interest in the fight.

Back in 2017, Bjornsson refused to accept the loss. This had led to a lengthy argument that will be settled in the boxing capital of the world next year.



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Featuring World’s Strongest Man champions:

Hafþór Júlíus BJORNSSON – World’s Strongest Man 2018.
Eddie HALL – World’s Strongest Man 2017.
Bill KAZMAIER – 3x World’s Strongest Man.
Žydrūnas ‘BIG Z’ SAVICKAS – 4x World’s Strongest Man, ‘Big Z Strongman’.
Nick BEST – 8x World’s Strongest Man Competitor.
Laurence SHAHLAEI – 11x World’s Strongest Man Competitor.
Brian SHAW – 4x World’s Strongest Man.
Martins LICIS – World’s Strongest Man 2019.
Magnús Ver MAGNUSSON – 4x World’s Strongest Man.


Colin BRYCE – WSM Head Referee.

by Andrew B. Quinn.