You do not slap Mike Tyson! – Dennis Rodman’s friend had a death wish

Dennis Rodman Mike Tyson

Dennis Rodman has revealed how he set up one of his party buddies to take a slap from Mike Tyson as the pair enjoyed some downtime in Las Vegas years ago.

The basketball legend was appearing on Tyson’s Hotboxin’ Podcast recently to enlighten everyone on how the story happened.

Rodman said: “I have some stories about Mike. He probably won’t remember but I used to see him all the time in Ceasers Palace.

“He loves a shop and he would buy tigers, monkeys, and birds. Mike was like the black version of Seigfried and Roy,” he joked.

“We used to go to Vegas all the time and see Mike at his house so we would hang out.


“One day we were out at the pool at the Mirage and I said ok let’s go shopping at Caesars Palace. So we go around and I decide to go to Versace. I’m buying s*** for no reason and they see Mike.

“They are like Mike Tyson is here. So they tell everybody to get out. It wasn’t for me because I was nobody. So it’s just me and Mike and a couple of other friends.

“One was this little white guy named Doug McAllister, so we there trying on suits. My friend had this great idea to go up to Mike and he says, ‘Hey Mike how ya doin?’

“Mike turns around and my friend slaps him in the face not hard but more light. Mike came straight to me and says, ‘Dennis, I love you to death but I am gonna kill that motherf***er!’

“I was like he’s drunk. He said ‘ok, (but it) he ever do that s*** again I’m going to f*** this motherf***er up and I was like, ‘be my guest I don’t care.'”

At the end of Rodman’s tale, Tyson was sure to interject and state: “I am a peaceful man now.”

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