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Home » Diego Corrales friends yelled ‘stop the fight’ before Jose Luis Castillo KO

Diego Corrales friends yelled ‘stop the fight’ before Jose Luis Castillo KO

Friends of the late, great Diego Corrales told his coach to throw in the towel just moments before Jose Luis Castillo was taken out in spectacular fashion.

Joe Goossen, the former trainer of the late Corrales, who tragically passed away two years to the day after his epic first fight with Castillo, shared his memory of the conclusion of the dramatic matchup.

Picking up the fight from his perspective in the corner, Goossen discussed how his fighter was able to miraculously overcome two knockdowns. Corrales would eventually stop Castillo in the legendary final round.

“When Diego got the point taken away from him on the second knockdown, he was arguing with Tony Weeks. In my mind, that was a good thing because that showed the presence of mind that he didn’t like the fact that he was getting a point taken away from him,” pointed out Goossen.

“Now, I will tell you there were some people very close to Diego that were sitting a couple of feet from me that were yelling at me to stop the fight.

“That I heard. And I responded with a quick ‘no’ because they deserved my response. I knew what I was looking at.

“They may have thought differently. From their viewpoint, it may have looked a lot worse than I thought it looked.”


Corrales was seemingly down and out. It could have been a career-ending loss. The end result is now that of boxing folklore.

This makes the tragedy of Corrales’ death all the more hurtful. The boxer wasn’t around long enough to receive full appreciation for his efforts.

The Las Vegas native was just 29 years old when he passed and still had plenty more to give the sport. It’s almost a shoo-in that Corrales would have won more world titles. This is despite three losses in a row up to his death.

Possessing that ‘Eye of the Tiger’ many speak of, Corrales was also full of charisma. It was just a matter of time before his day would have come again.

He is sorely missed.