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Home » Four things are part of Mayweather’s lockdown, Pacquiao isn’t one

Four things are part of Mayweather’s lockdown, Pacquiao isn’t one

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Floyd Mayweather is not preparing for a return to boxing against Manny Pacquiao, the five-weight world champion and boxing legend has made perfectly clear.

Instead, the 43-year-old has outlined the four things that keep his busy from day-to-day as routine during the current quarantine conditions.

Speaking to in a thorough interview recently, Mayweather said he simply splits his time between home and the world-famous Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas.

“When you go to the gym, with everything that’s going on, you do it because you really can’t do nothing. Staying in, watching TV, and working out (is all we can do),” said Mayweather.

“So, if I’m not watching TV, I’m working out. You know, bike rides, take walks and watch movies. Have my chef cook dinner for me and my team.

“Go to the boxing gym and just stay active. It’s the only thing I can do,” he added.

Mayweather was linked to a return to boxing for some months after declaring his intention to compete in two events during 2020.

Late last year, the ‘Money’ man teased at least two exhibitions, only to do a complete 180 over the last few days.


A second fight with Manny Pacquiao has not been completely ruled out, though. Cryptic talk from the ex-pound for pound king still hasn’t fully cleared things up.

Pacquiao would certainly be on board if Mayweather does change his mind during the interim as COVID-19 keeps boxing off the menu.

Still holding the WBA Welterweight title, Pacquiao could be pushing Mayweather’s age the next time he competes professionally.

The ‘Pacman’ is holding things down in the Philippines as part of his Senatorial duties, with Mayweather currently far from his mind.

Fans were hopeful of a second clash between the pair, although judging by Mayweather’s recent comments, any UFC fighter with a ‘country behind him’ stands a better chance of luring him back.

As Mayweather distances himself from a return, the likes of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, over a decade his senior, are both busy training to fight.