Adrien Broner’s ‘little baby numbers’ won’t entice Floyd Mayweather back

Floyd Mayweather Adrien Broner

📸 Stacey Verbeek / Esther Lin

Floyd Mayweather spoke about his continued retirement recently after an ‘outright lie’ led to confusion over a possible fight with Adrien Broner.

A social media rumor was stated and later dismissed by Leonard Ellerbe, the trusted advisor of Floyd Mayweather.

But none-the-less, Broner’s name came up in his recent chat with Without naming Broner specifically, the ‘Money’ man said no fighter without a huge following would ever push him into coming back.

Clearly, Broner’s pulling power doesn’t impress the five-weight champ.

“So, when you talking about Floyd is going to come back and fight this guy. This guy said this and this guy said that. I say this: ‘You guys fill out little arenas and do some little baby numbers, not bad.

“But I’m older, I’m older and a lot wiser. Meaning I don’t want to end up like my uncle Roger. To end up like a lot of fighters where you don’t know when to hang it up.

“You’re fighting for everybody else instead of fighting for yourself.

“So even with the fight against Conor McGregor (in 2017), it was smart on my behalf. And it was smart on his behalf, because he said, ‘You know what, even if I can or can’t beat Floyd Mayweather, let me try to share the ring with him so I can make more money than any MMA guy and any other fighter, except Floyd’.

“So even if we did it again, there’s entertainment and there’s business.

“Once again I’ll say it again, I’m not boxing any boxers – at all. I’m done, I’m retired and I love my life. I enjoy being retired.”

Broner was never in the frame anyway. His form alone would simply rule him out. It’s been three years since ‘The Problem’ even recorded a win.


If Mayweather did fight again, and it’s a big if, the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Conor McGregor fit the bill perfectly.

“If I was to come back and fight a fighter, why come back and fight a fighter who can only sell out little cities?

“I like to face guys, once again, who got countries behind them.”

For now, Mayweather is content to keep trim and training young prospects coming through his famous gym doors.