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Hope surfaces for UK boxing crowds in 2020, US events longer

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New guidelines have been outlined which suggests suffering boxing fans in some parts of the world may be able to return to watch the sport they love this year.

All events have been called off since March. A host of Pay-Per-View blockbusters, mainly from the Matchroom Boxing stable, have fallen by the wayside.

As supporters wonder when they can once again see a live fight take place, UK Government guidelines have been revealed online.

A 50-page document detailing how the current lockdown should be relaxed revealed Premier League football could certainly see crowds back by October.

This means boxing, the last on the list due to the constant need for medical attention, could follow at least a few weeks after the EPL.

It’s not inconceivable that boxing could then be back to allowing paying customers before the turn of 2021. All really depends on what happens with a predicted second spike of COVID-19.

August has been the predicted month by scientists for another wave of infections as countries begin easing of the restrictions.

An announcement of the next phase is penciled in for Monday.


The USA could face an even longer wait due to fact governors are opening their states far too early.

Two weeks of cases dropping is a must for every single place on earth. That’s to even consider allowing businesses with close contact and gyms to re-open.

This hasn’t stopped many American states from doing the unthinkable.

It will take around four weeks to see that exact damage states like Georgia are doing in allowing people to go for haircuts and interact in gyms.

The Coronavirus crisis is already way over one million cases, along with 75,000 deaths recorded in the United States. With states re-opening, those figures are set to skyrocket and could lead to another enforced lockdown by the fall.

Georgia is fast becoming a hotspot due to its decision. America could now go way out of control.

Some are even predicting that President Trump is set to refuse to go back to full ‘stay at home’ orders, whatever happens in the coming months.

US citizens would then be inadvertently pushed into a ‘herd immunity’ that could see deaths hit 250,000 by the New Year. How the US then controls the situation is anyone’s guess.

If things continue as they are, the USA’s lack of testing, tracing, and a plan to stop the spread will keep sporting events out of bounds for an enormous amount of time.

Boxing would be restricted to US shores without travel in and out of the country. Furthermore, top stars will be forced to perform behind closed doors.