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Home » Floyd Mayweather vs Adrien Broner fight rumors declared ‘an outright lie’

Floyd Mayweather vs Adrien Broner fight rumors declared ‘an outright lie’

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Floyd Mayweather has been linked to a fight with Adrien Broner recently in reports that have since been branded ‘an outright lie’ by the legend’s advisor.


According to the rumors, Mayweather vs Broner was set to be confirmed for the fall despite no chance of fans being present due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This has now been confirmed as a complete fabrication by the man closest to Mayweather, Leonard Ellerbe.

Taking the opportunity to firmly shoot down any notion of Floyd Mayweather headlining against Broner, Ellerbe said: “Whoever is spreading this nonsense it’s an outright lie.”


It was also revealed that the Mayweather Promotions CEO also stated the reports were, ‘one million percent false’ and ‘total silliness’.

The boxing fraternity can now breathe a sigh of relief over the matter. Mayweather taking on Broner sounded like a car crash just waiting to happen.

Broner has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late. He also has a recent fight record nobody would be envious of. ‘The Problem’ is without a victory for three years.

Last time out, the Cincinnati man was soundly defeated by Mayweather rival Manny Pacquiao. Broner hasn’t registered a win since Adrian Granados in February 2017.


Why Mayweather would even consider the fight is beyond comprehension. Adding Broner into the Floyd mix seems to have simply been plucked out of thin air.


At 50-0 and commanding a purse of at least nine-figures, Mayweather would need to either secure a rematch with Pacquiao or take on a big-name fighter from another code.

It’s not thought ‘Money’ coming back to the ring would even be a longer-term affair. Therefore, only massive names need to be considered. Of which Broner is no longer one.

During his heyday of 2011 to 2013, Broner was thought of as one of the top rising stars in the world. Although outside of the ring activities ended those hopes quickly.


Boosted purses came firmly with trouble in tow. Broner struggled to deal with stardom and consistently got into problems with the law.

Instagram outbursts and cryptic messages of self-harm have been coupled with sex tapes and assault charges for some time now.

It’s becoming the norm to see Broner is the spotlight for bad, rather than good. Which doesn’t bode well for the remainder of any career he has left.


As for Mayweather, facing Pacquiao again would net the former pound for pound king upwards of $150 million if he once again decides to head down that road.


PPV projections of two million-plus could still be secured for a return. But any ‘MayPac 2’ would have to wait until Las Vegas fully opens up.

COVID-19 needs a vaccine to help the US return to normal. This means Floyd Mayweather’s promised return bout is on hold indefinitely for the time being.