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Home » Anthony Joshua offer to Jarrell Miller over Dillian Whyte ‘ludicrous’

Anthony Joshua offer to Jarrell Miller over Dillian Whyte ‘ludicrous’

Dillian Whyte received a ‘ludicrous’ offer to rematch Anthony Joshua last year, according to the British heavyweight’s trusted brother Dean.

In a revelation on purse negotiations, which Whyte was previously criticized for rejecting in 2019, Dean has offered a reason why.

Joshua put a bid on the table to face Whyte in a rematch of their 2015 O2 Arena clash in before turning his attention to Jarrell Miller.

Dean now says the money offered to his sibling was far less than eventually given to the American.

“It’s a business at the end of the day and Dillian rightly believes that he’s a pay-per-view star, so the money needs to match his level of stardom because there are not many pay-per-view stars in the UK that sell out arenas,” Whyte told

“They were offering Miller virtually double what they were offering Dillian. Which is ludicrous in terms of the opponents they’ve faced.

“Miller has never sold out an arena by any stretch of the imagination by himself.”

On re-negotiating with Joshua in the future whilst pursuing a world title shot, Dean added: “There are many obstacles to cross.

“If we get the opportunity to get the WBC title that becomes another bargaining tool. You can change what you demand.

“But definitely one way or the other, titles or no titles, those boys have that rivalry and energy. They want to meet again.”


For now, Whyte has Alexander Povetkin in his crosshairs for a UK PPV battle already signed.

Where and when is yet to be decided due to the coronavirus crisis.

“He might have to go abroad because the British Boxing Board might not allow it. In America, Trump is already saying that some states are going to be open earlier than others. So potentially it may go over there.

“I know Saudi is out the question. But America is definitely a possibility. Eddie Hearn does a lot of business out there.

“So they may potentially look at one of the states that have not been hit very hard by the pandemic. Potentially put it there.

“At the front of the queue is potentially the United States.”

Hearn has since stated Whyte vs Povetkin could happen behind closed doors in the United Kingdom.

We wait and see what’s next for Dillian Whyte.