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Evander Holyfield hints at comeback, Mike Tyson cranks up training

Days after Mike Tyson admitted his desire to fight again in an exhibition capacity, former opponent Evander Holyfield has put out a cryptic message.

Tyson posted a video of himself continuing to participate in training camp. The 53-year-old looks fearsome for what is set to be a charity comeback after fifteen years out.

Potential opponents have been bandied around since. With WBN citing ex-conqueror Danny Williams as one who could be considered.

Holyfield may well have jumped to the top of the wanted list for Tyson, though. Solely on the back of their world-famous past encounters.

‘The Real Deal’ defeated ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ back in November 1996. This was months before the even more infamous ‘Bite Fight‘.

Jaws dropped at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas due to a frustrated Tyson chewing off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear.

The pair have since become firm friends. But they could well be on board with a three of four round workout in aid of good causes for the coronavirus crisis.

Fans are clearly on board judging by the comments underneath Holyfield’s post. Which would come nine years after the veteran retired.

Who wouldn’t want to see Tyson and Holyfield square off in a third installment, however small the scale compared to the last?

It’s two names with worldwide attention aimed at them. Their involvement would maximize the capacity to raise as much money as possible.

Taking Holyfield out of the equation, only perhaps Lennox Lewis or Riddick Bowe could do similar, although neither has yet expressed any interest.

Is it a coincidence that Holyfield puts out this comeback talk just as Tyson is looking in the shape of his retirement? – Maybe not.

We will certainly have to wait to envisage what transpires as the world awaits news of whom Tyson can secure for his imminent return.

Whether it’s Tyson vs Williams 2 or Tyson vs Holyfield 3, it will be big news. Also a Pay-Per-View event when it eventually goes down.



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