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What held back the Klitschko’s is revealed, sanctioning clutter addressed

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has discussed the Klitschko brothers and the current sanctioning clutter.

Sulaiman has acknowledged the heavyweight spotlight is back and that the majority of boxing fans are calling for one sole champion.

In a world where there are four or five different organizations jockeying for the highest positions with the top stars, Sulaiman admits it’s tough to sift through all the politics.

Asked during a recent appearance on the ‘Black Eye Barber Shop’, how many titles he would like to see, Sulaiman replied: “I can only speak for the WBC.

“That’s the issue. I have great relationships with other organizations. But the ideal world will never exist.

“I mean a fight fan would like to have one world champion and that’s it, but tomorrow a new organization will be created. Then, that’s the duty of the fan and the media analyze what each organization means what do they do.

“Also, how do they work, and then you rank them you make have to make the choice.”



As fans clamor for a top division battle between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua to crown a single heavyweight king, Sulaiman was quizzed on the re-emergence of the top weight class.

Heavyweight boxing is back after a 20-year layover,” pointed out Sulaiman. “When Lennox Lewis retired as a champion, we have had a void.

“You know, the Klitschkos were great fighters but they didn’t capture the world’s attention. And also they couldn’t fight each other because they are brothers.

“Today, everybody is talking about heavyweights. There’s so many contenders coming up, it’s so exciting.

“I think that if the US do a national tour looking for the next Mike Tyson and the UK do the same, you could continue that heavyweight growth of champions,” he concluded.


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