Floyd Mayweather flaunts astounding and ‘unbreakable’ winning record

Floyd Mayweather has flaunted a record that may is apparently ‘unbreakable’ after beating fifteen world champions in a row during his career.

Mayweather recently pointed out that he defeated a host of ex-world rulers.

Beginning with Arturo Gatti in 2005, Mayweather exclusively fought and beat only those who had previously held a version of the world crown.

The post names sixteen names, although it’s actually fifteen as Marcos Maidana was beaten twice and Henry Bruseles (before Gatti) was never a world title-holder.

But it’s still some going.

It’s quite a remarkable record to acquire. And one ex-opponent Canelo Alvarez seems to have also modeled his career on.


Since taking out Alfredo Angulo in 2014, Canelo has now faced nine world champions on the spin. This is after losing only to the ‘Money’ man himself.

Sadly for Canelo, a draw with Gennadiy Golovkin halted any chance the Mexican had of getting close to the retired legend’s feat in the near future.

The trusted advisor to Floyd Mayweather and CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, has explained what makes the former pound for pound king different.

As rumblings continued to surround the fifth anniversary of the Manny Pacquiao rematch, Ellerbe was quick to air his views on why Mayweather stood out from the crowd.

Still recognized as the number one of his generations, Ellerbe has consistently made a case for his friend to be considered alongside the best of all time.

It’s hard to disagree with a lot of what Ellerbe argues. Mayweather is widely regarded as the most elusive defensive operator ever.

But is he ‘The Best Ever’ as the man himself proclaims? – Maybe not in some people’s eyes. But Ellerbe has given some reasons why Floyd deserves to be in those conversations.


Beginning with the Shane Mosley fight, which saw Mayweather seemingly hurt by a juggernaut of a punch by ‘Sugar’ Shane, Ellerbe pointed out that Floyd does have the grit to take any kind of haymaker blow.

“Respect to Shane a great fighter. But Floyd is a dog. He can bite down when/if he needs to. This was doghouse boxing,” said Ellerbe.

“Floyd is a lot stronger than most think. S*** always look different from the outside until you get up in the there

“Experience plays a critical role in championship fights. It’s not always about who’s fast or strongest. Boxing is a thinking person’s game

“It takes a different kind of mindset. A different commitment to stay on top of the throne. Hard to get there and much much harder to stay there,” he added.