World Boxing Council boss talks drug testing break, social media criticism

World Boxing Council Mauricio Sulaiman

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman addressed a couple of subjects during his recent appearance on the Black Eye Barber Shop Show.

Firstly, Sulaiman was asked for his view on why drug testing was called off during the coronavirus outbreak, he said it largely came down to social distancing.

“Well, in this doping matter, at its core is the World Boxing Council clean boxing program’s transparency,” he stated on the suspension of doping. “Why would we lie and say there is a doping control officer near you when it is not?

“We care for the safety and whoever wants to criticize that we are not going to put a doping collecter in the street in danger.

“We are not gonna put a fighter who is home taking care of his family, not going out and have someone knocking on the door. All the risks that come with it.

“I am sorry but why would I lie. To say there is a clean boxing program going on when you can’t even leave your house?

“If there are some fighters that cheat they will get caught. I don’t believe in lying when there’s nothing to hide,” he added.


A second question put to Sulaiman was whether it was hard to be everybody’s friend in boxing and not be caught in the middle.


He responded: “It is hard sometimes. You are asked to do things that simply cannot be done and that’s when you become the bad guy.

“You make a ruling it and benefits one or two sides. Then three or four are not happy with that. But as long as you stay with your principles and rules and regulations. Plus, always be consistent, then you will be okay.

“As I say, its not a popularity contest. You take the hit. Then you see boxers and promoters have to go to another organization.

“Then, the loyalty from that which was your creation in a way then he goes somewhere else. If you take it by heart as we do, it’s a lonely place.”


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