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Home » Oscar De La Hoya backs Mike Tyson to KO ‘any heavyweight’ at 53

Oscar De La Hoya backs Mike Tyson to KO ‘any heavyweight’ at 53

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Oscar De La Hoya has made a bold statement about Mike Tyson after witnessing the former undisputed heavyweight champion’s four-second social media clip.

Tyson, 53, posted a short video of himself displaying fantastic speed and power for his age earlier this week.

Going viral in an instant, Tyson’s combination traveled around the world in minutes. It brought back memories of the old Tyson, who ripped through the top division during the 1980s.

Airing a comment on Instagram, the promoter made a bold prediction that many didn’t agree with.

“I’m sure that if he trains for twelve rounds right now, he’ll knock out any heavyweight,” De La Hoya stated.

It’s all good and well for Tyson to blast through a few punches in his middle-aged years, but taking on the likes of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is an entirely different story.

Indeed, the Golden Boy boss spoke tongue-in-cheek, or maybe he’s going a little stir-crazy during the lockdown.

Whatever the case, Mike Tyson facing either of the current world champions would be one-sided.

It was fifteen years ago when Tyson shared the ring with anyone, and at that time, it was also-ran Kevin McBride who amazingly stopped Tyson.

Before that, it was Danny Williams, who now has almost thirty losses on his record.

Williams continues to fight at 46 and even won his last fight back in November.


Competing in four-round exhibitions would be great to bring back the glory days, even for a second. Tyson was a much-loved and feared part of the ranks during his heyday.

The New Yorker commanded massive Pay-Per-View numbers. Mike Tyson destroyed most of those in his wake until the 1990s hit.

Enticing the likes of Evander Holyfield or Lennox Lewis back for a charity event would be fantastic if Mike could pull it off. Or even a revenge rematch with Williams, who knows?

But going anywhere near Fury or Joshua, going by the suggestion, would be a trainwreck waiting to happen.