Mauricio Sulaiman says it was never his intention to be WBC President

Mauricio Sulaiman World Boxing Council WBC


Current WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has admitted he never had any intention of succeeding his father Jose in the prestigious role.

Sulaiman, who always looked up to his dad, was the chosen one when it came to accompanying Jose to boxing events around the world.

But as time went by, Sulaiman didn’t think taking over the reins was a possibility.

Mauricio was part of the family business and just spent time doing what his father loved dearly.

Speaking on the Black Eye Barber Shop Show recently, Mauricio Sulaiman explained the situation.

“I was always close to him, trying to take work away with him. I always wanted to be with him but I never wanted to be the WBC President – never,” Sulaiman told hosts Anthony Crolla, Richard Poxon, and Johnny Nelson via video link.


“There were circumstances when my father past away and I said this is the end of boxing for me,” he added. “Because my father past away and I was in boxing for him.

“But my mother said no you must stay in the WBC it’s his life, so I decided to stay on as secretary. Then they had WBC elections and they nominated me, appointing me as President.”

Asked how the sport has changed since his father passed away, Sulaiman concluded: “The sport has changed dramatically.

“There are now many boxing promoters with many smaller venues and promotions. The platform is huge with DAZN, with PBC, Top Rank, and ESPN. It has exploded worldwide.

“There is not that moral leader in the sport, though. I always thought my father was the moral one who kept everyone together.

“I miss those days when there was more respect in every aspect of the sport.”


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