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Home » Lennox Lewis labels Larry Holmes ‘one of the best’ after AJ poll

Lennox Lewis labels Larry Holmes ‘one of the best’ after AJ poll

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Lennox Lewis has laid extreme praise on Larry Holmes just a short time after the American great was beaten in a controversial poll by Anthony Joshua.

As part of a BT Sport Heavyweight Tournament, the results of which were taken from fan votes, Joshua edged out Holmes 53 to 47%.

The laughable decision was met by enraged knowledgable boxing fans who quizzed whether AJ fans, ‘knew what boxing was before social media’ began to boom in 2010.

Lewis, the last ever undisputed top division king, has seemingly backed Holmes after laying huge praise on the former heavyweight champion.

“Larry Holmes is one of the best to ever do it,” said Lewis in response to a question on whether the ‘Easton Assassin’ would have given him problems in his prime.

He added: “His jab was second to none. So it’s hard to think that this would have been anything but a tough time.”

It’s no secret that Joshua and Lewis haven’t seen eye-to-eye in the past.

Joshua once labeled Lewis ‘a clown’. This is despite ‘The Pugilist Specialist’ just trying to pass on worldly advice to the younger Briton.

In this instance, it has to be noted that Lewis was not addressing Joshua at any point.

As WBN previously explained, Holmes was the best of his era at a transitional time for the sport. This means he didn’t get the full credit he deserved.

Holmes made the second most title defenses in history. Only coming in behind the awesome Joe Louis.

Many polls of the past have Holmes in the top ten of all time. Leaving big question marks over a poll where Joshua could even come close.


The era of millennials certainly comes into play as casuals gradually begin to take over this kind of public interaction.

Eventually, Joshua was ousted in the next round of the BT competition by George Foreman. ‘Big’ George made it all the way to the final.

In a ‘Rumble in the Jungle II’ fantasy bout, Foreman met Muhammad Ali again. Unfortunately for him, he was defeated again.

Ali reigned supreme as ‘The Greatest’ in a fitting tribute, although whether the same result happens in ten years would be debatable in the current climate.

For his part, Lewis lost to Ali in the quarter-finals.