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Home » Exclusive: Bob Arum denies Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua talks

Exclusive: Bob Arum denies Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua talks

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Rumors which began on Thursday outlining talks had opened up for Tyson Fury to face Anthony Joshua have been denied by promoter Bob Arum.

A frenzy of reporting over the possibility the fight could be on the cards was ended immediately when WBN contacted Arum for his reaction.

Asked point-blank whether Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua were indeed in conversations over a UK super-fight, Arum quickly replied.

“At this moment, there are no talks possible, nothing concrete between Fury and Joshua,” Arum exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We can’t do anything until Tyson Fury’s management gets a firm offer from the site.

“All we know is what’s being reported, but nothing is concrete. We have to wait.”

Fury vs Joshua talks

WBN had already asked Arum this when speaking to the Top Rank Chairman a few days ago.

Again, the logistics of making Fury vs Joshua concerned the 88-year-old.

“We’re going to have to figure out whether Eddie has the angle to do a Joshua vs. Pulev fight. I don’t think he can do it without an audience,” he said.

“Does he move it to some other place? Where can it be made, and where could it take place?

“There was a lot of talk about a Fury vs. Joshua fight taking place in Saudi Arabia, but with oil selling at almost zero a barrel, how are the Saudis going to afford a big event?

“But for Fury, except for a Joshua fight, any Tyson Fury fight happens in the United States.

I could see the Joshua fight in the UK or maybe some Middle East location. But we’ll have to see.

“Again, Joshua still has a contract and obligation to fight Pulev, so how’s he going to get around that?”

Joshua vs Pulev

For now, Joshua remains a solid favorite to fight Kubrat Pulev, potentially at The O2 under strict social distancing measures.

It seems the ideal stay-busy fight to keep Joshua active and ticking over for Fury.

There’s also the not-so-small fact that Fury is contracted to battle Deontay Wilder for the third time. But due to the travel restrictions, Fury, too, could look for an interim contest before Joshua.

It’s no secret that all sides would want Fury vs. Joshua in front of a crowd. Therefore, any reports of the fight happening soon are just too premature.

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