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Home » ‘He was shot before Tony Bellew!’ – Reaction to David Haye return

‘He was shot before Tony Bellew!’ – Reaction to David Haye return

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Former two-weight world champion David Haye made a stunning admission in a recent interview regarding a potential comeback to boxing.

Two years on from being stopped twice by predominant cruiserweight Tony Bellew, and approaching his 40th birthday this year, Haye made a sensational statement.

‘The Hayemaker’ said he’d consider fighting the winner of Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua if that fight ever makes it over the line.

Haye even went so far as to outline his constant training just in case he scratches the itch.

“The only one that I would do it for is the winner of AJ and Tyson Fury because that would be No1 vs No1,” Haye told Behind The Gloves. “That’s probably the only one, but not really. It’s a lot to go through.”

“I got my body in a good place right now. I’m in a good place. All my injuries have healed up.

“There’s been no hardcore training. I’ve been at home with my weights. I’ve enjoyed this time where the intensity has been taken from a ten to a three.

Everyone thinks I train super, super hard. Not really. I probably train between half an hour to 45-minute every day. But I have a nice routine.”

“I’m not training for athletic performance. I’m training for vanity. When I watch fights now, I think ‘I’d slip this jab, I’d do this and do that.’

“That’s the slippery slope when your brain starts going like that.”


Reaction to Haye’s words in speaking to Michelle Phelps has been quite harsh. Two comments in particular resonated on social media.

One said: “He was shot as a fighter before he fought Bellew! – Know when you’re done and walk away!”

Another added: @Tyson_Fury won’t give @mrdavidhaye a payday, not after he messed him about last time.

“Haye kept pulling out and apparently lost fury a lot of money. Who wants to see haye anyway?

“He’s done too many injuries and burnt out he needs to just stay retired he had his time.”

By the time Fury vs Joshua goes ahead, Haye could be approaching his 42nd birthday anyway.