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Who’s next for The Gypsy King? – Tyson Fury’s options

Tyson Fury reclaimed his heavyweight crown with a stunning win over defending champion Deontay Wilder in February. The result marked an incredible comeback for the British fighter who had spent so much time out of the ring.

Two years ago, many were questioning whether the man known as the Gypsy King would ever step into the ring again but in early 2020, we have a very different dilemma. As Fury emerged triumphant from that February showdown, fight fans and pundits were immediately asking ‘who’s next?’

The Devil you Know

There is no shortage of contenders in the battle to be Tyson Fury’s next opponent and while it’s a fearsome prospect, it appears that boxers are queueing up to face the champion. Among the fighters currently being touted, a very familiar name is at the top of the list.

Prior to their rematch, Fury confirmed that his camp had signed up for a ‘trilogy’ of fights with Deontay Wilder. At that stage, a second rematch seemed the most likely option but since the final bell sounded, nobody is certain.

Fury v Wilder III has the potential to be a mouth-watering contest. The first encounter back in December 2018 ended in that controversial draw in a fight that was one of the best since the Ali, Foreman, Frazier era.

The rematch contained plenty of drama but crucially, it was never going to match the thrills of the first bout. With that in mind, could the promoters be looking for a new challenge rather than risk an even more subdued clash third time around?

Battle of Britain

Nothing has been decided but boxing betting markets have already opened on a potential, all-British contest between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. A unification bout is something that the majority of UK fight fans will want to see and that’s precisely the new challenge that promoters will be looking for.

It’s a fight that both individuals are certainly looking forward to but the intricacies of politics in boxing may mean that Fury and Joshua will have to wait before the Battle of Britain can get underway.

Other Options

At this stage of his career, The Gypsy King has a number of options and many expect a return to WWE before he steps back into a boxing ring. Fury’s personality is an ideal fit for the showbiz realm of professional wrestling, and few would be surprised to see him make an eventual switch.

There is even talk of permanent retirement from all combat sports but that seems a remote possibility at this stage.

In terms of other boxers, Fury could take on the winner of the upcoming fight between Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce. There is that potential for a more subdued opening defence but in reality, it’s looking like a straight choice between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

The Verdict

Deontay Wilder has been slow in exercising his rematch clause. Either the American is looking to add to the drama or he’s genuinely looking to avoid Fury and concentrate on rebuilding some confidence.

In the meantime, Tyson Fury’s promoters are edging towards the second rematch and they have publicly stated that the mandatory defence will come next. Fury’s UK promoter Frank Warren claimed that the bout was already ‘penciled in’ for Las Vegas in July and those comments have been echoed by Bob Arum in the US.

The man in charge of Top Rank entertainment, Arum had claimed that Fury v Wilder III would take place before the Tokyo Olympics. The games in Japan were set to begin on July 24th but have now been delayed until 2021. Therefore, the fight looks certain to happen before the sporting world turns its focus elsewhere.

Fight fans would give mixed reactions on hearing this news: If a third Wilder v Fury match lives up to the drama of the first then we’re all in for a treat but there is a feeling that this contest has had its day.

However, the trilogy clause looks set to have the final say and while other options may be met with more anticipation, Fury v Wilder III looks to offer the most likely conclusion.