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Conor McGregor has the answer to easing Covid restrictions

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UFC star Conor McGregor has offered his wisdom to easing the current worldwide restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Irishman, who had one solitary professional fight in 2017 opposite Floyd Mayweather, gave his view as the United States began reopening in some states.

McGregor believes those under quarantine could look forward to gaining some freedom back as early as next week.

Conor McGregor’s lockdown easing

He said: “Release the 2km (McGregor meant 2m) restrictions from May 5th. Keep enforcement tight on any and all congregated groups.

“Re-open all businesses that can operate under new safety measures. Which is most.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way! Only so long our hands can be held before we must go it solo!”

The word of ‘The Notorious’ one will be met with trepidation by most who know the blueprint for easing has been marked by the CDC as June 8th.

It could be even longer for some states. Especially New York City, which has been decimated by the crisis.

As far as getting back to combat sports is concerned, that could be far longer if there’s a second peak of cases.

Relaxing the measures in place at the wrong time would almost certainly lead to another spike.

As we know, the UFC was going to stage an event weeks ago in Florida until eventually seeing sense.

That hasn’t stopped supremo Dana White from looking into the potential of staging a Pay-Per-View as early as May.


Boxing, on the other hand, is taking a far more cautious approach. In the UK, the British Board is not even considering re-opening until the National Health Service is fully back to normal.

“When restrictions are lifted, the ongoing work for our BBBofC Medical Officers and ambulance crews in their NHS roles will continue for some time.

“As the immediate pressure on the NHS reduces some Medical Officers may be available to work at BBBofC shows. However, this may not necessarily mean that shows can run.

“While the NHS is still fighting/recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic we cannot place any further pressure on the system,” they said.

It’s likely to be June or July before any behind closed doors shows can take place. And that’s only provided the NHS are fully staffed.

As for the USA, there’s a possibility of chaos in the coming weeks as a lack of continuity continues to hurt the prospect of cases coming down.

Without everybody pulling in the same direction, it’s an impossible task.