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Deontay Wilder hints hunger dropped before Tyson Fury rematch

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Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder believes there’s a possibility he may have gone a little stale before Tyson Fury took his undefeated record.

Wilder has already pointed out that fifteen minutes of mayhem happened before the rematch took place on February 22nd.

Elaborating further on his state of mind, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ believes he may have been a little guilty of getting too used to being the top dog.

Due to current form and Fury not regaining the title, Wilder had been considered the biggest-punching and best heavyweight on the planet.

That was until Fury showed up in Las Vegas and ripped up the pre-fight predictions with a seventh-round stoppage.

Reflecting on what went wrong on his part, Wilder was as honest as ever.

Deontay Wilder

“In my eyes, I don’t see Fury as a champion as it’s still going,” Wilder told the PBC Podcast. “He ain’t the champion yet, as we still got one more fight left.

“At the end of the day, I’m happy. My family is happy and I’m recovering (from an injury suffered during the fight). I’m looking forward to giving the world the best Deontay Wilder.”

On dealing with his first defeat and altering his mindset for a comeback, Wilder continued: “You have to understand that life comes in many ways.

“In life, many people lose more than they win. The thing about losing, some people don’t know how to bounce back from a loss in life.

“When someone wins all the time, people always want to see them lose. Well, not so much because they win all the time, but from the point of, they want to see how that person gets up.

“How do you get off the ground from losing? – I may have lost in the ring but I’m winning in life.

“I’ll take this time to sit back. Sometimes you get comfortable with things. You still have that hunger, but it ain’t the same as when you first go into it.

“When you’re a prospect and then you go on to fight for a world title and become a champion. This allows that hunger to come back to where I started.”

Fury fight

Concluding on his plans for a resurgence against Fury when they meet again, the American pointed out: “I’m never down about losing as long as it makes me stronger to come back and overcome the conqueror.

“It’s going to be the biggest moment in my life to come back around again. Boxing is amazing.

“I can look back and say I was a part of it and helped make it what it is today. It’s so exciting, especially the heavyweight division.

“It’s just booming, and I’m not done yet.”