Dillian Whyte making himself a target, getting it from all angles

British heavyweight Dillian Whyte has taken a bashing from Joseph Parker, his manager, and former world champion Andy Ruiz Jr. this weekend.

‘The Bodysnatcher’ was targetted by both, who in contrasting ways decided to give Whyte a dressing down.

Firstly, in response to Whyte going public with his thoughts on the pair staging a rematch, Parker gave his reply.

The one-time WBO title-holder stated: “Why are you so angry?

“Because you know you only just clung on after your lucky headbutt was wrongly called a knockdown?

“Good fight, but unfinished business. Rematch anywhere, anytime.”

But it was Parker’s manager David Higgins who went into another dimension with his words.

This is all that’s left from several deleted tweets from an exceptional rant by the New Zealander.

“Dillian would never take 50/50 (for a rematch with Parker) because he is a p–sy,” said Higgins. “He knows he lost and he got lucky.

“The Parker team back themselves. (They) don’t rely on contract ‘clauses’ to prevail, p–sy boy.

“I think the likes of AJ (Anthony Joshua) has relied on dodgy rematch clauses and corrupt officials. Not like us or the Fury’s,” he added.

Whyte did give some back to Parker when saying: “Man, shut up you need to stop being a b—h. You got your slaps (so) take them and chill.

“When you were champion you said you would fight me (and) then b—-ed out. You lost. Thought you could beat me

“I busted you real good. Take it. It’s ok to lose, bro.”

Not to give Whyte a reprieve, Ruiz Jr. waded in on a separate argument when denying Whyte had ever offered him $5 million, as stated.

Ruiz blew that paycheck out of the water as the bad blood between them continues.


Whatever happens between Whyte, Parker, and Ruiz, Alexander Povetkin is next anyway. But is seems Whyte is making a rod for his own back.

Chasing big names and a shot at the WBC title in the most public of manners, Whyte is making himself a clear target.

Povetkin is seen as the easiest option out of all the recent spats Whyte has been involved in. So once the fading Russian is dealt with, it will be interesting to see where Whyte goes next.