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Home » Exclusive: Sergio Martinez, 45, wants Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. II

Exclusive: Sergio Martinez, 45, wants Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. II

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Former middleweight king and pound-for-pound star Sergio Martinez reiterated his desire to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in a rematch.

Interviewer Curran Bhatia spoke with Martinez about his comeback at age 45 to rematch Chavez Jr. eight years after their first meeting.

In part, in his quotes to Bhatia, Martinez accused Chavez Jr. of spiraling out of control since losing to Canelo.

“He was taken hold of by depression, alcohol, and drugs. His life collapsed. Let’s fight!”

Previously, it was 2018 when WBN exclusively spoke to Martinez, and his intentions were first made clear.

In August of that year, Martinez said, “It is OK that Julio Cesar Chavez wants to fight me again as I would only come back to face him or another big name of my generation like Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao,” exclusively told World Boxing News.

“This is a big challenge, and I love challenges. I’ve been training since months ago, and I am not joking. If he wants it, we can do it.

“I offered him through Twitter that a fight, if possible, as early as November, and I was licensed by Argentina ten days ago, so I am ready to go.”

Asked about his fitness after suffering from bad knees at the end of his career, Martinez assured fans.

“I wanted to be sure that everything is OK, and to be honest, I feel in very good shape and have recovered from my injuries.”

Two months later, Martinez urged Chavez Jr. to accept the return once again.

Sergio Martinez vs Chavez II

He told WBN: “What do your cojones say? (Do you) Want it, Julio? I’m going to hit you twice as much as in 2012. I promise you.

“Don’t forget your tweets. I’ll refresh your memory, Julio. If anything, what I admire about Mexicans is that they never (go back on their word).

“If you don’t want the fight, say it now! I want to give you another beating on November 17. Stop delaying, accept, and sign the contract because you challenged me. Do you remember?

“I’m ready to fight you. I agreed to go up to 168 pounds, the date of November 17. I accepted everything, and I am prepared to give you another beating.

“Maybe I’m crippled, but my fists are not. Are you waiting to sign, or will you run?”

Chavez replied at the time: “I’m more than ready, Sergio! I will take great pleasure in beating you as I missed a rematch. That was worse because you retired!

“You were never the same, but are you ready now?”

Things subsequently went quiet until this week.

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