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WATCH: Candid Tyson Fury videos BEFORE he was world champ

Tyson Fury is a major part of the heavyweight division right now. He’s won every single major title on offer and is widely regarded as the best around.

‘The Gypsy King’ also has the most engaging personality of all the top division, despite the fact he polarizes boxing fans the world over.

But before Fury was wearing his current crown, earned from a masterful stoppage against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas, the 30-year-old turned to World Boxing News to get his story out.

Bereft of any social media to speak of, WBN first took in videos Fury wanted out there from 2013 to 2016, even one after the win over Wladimir Klitschko.

The vast majority were taken as Fury attempted to make a name for himself. They featured candid clips from training camps and personal moments from his family life.

Fury, as now, wanted air time. He had a story to tell. And before the more polished posting we see now, there was this.

Tyson Fury affiliation with WBN

As WBN is inundated with requests to show clips and blatant plagiarism of the videos on another level, most are being pushed as available for boxing fans to watch.

This was one of the earliest videos Tyson wanted WBN to publish. It shows a nervously-speaking contender attempting to update on his current camp.

These two clips were part of a six-strong collection of clips that show Fury hitting the pads with uncle Peter Fury.

In a clip titled, ‘Dillian Whyte demolishes another opponent [With Tyson Fury comments], the WBC champion airs his views from ringside. He talks about his sparring partner and Fury team member Whyte’s recent win.

The pair later parted ways.

Taken on New Year’s Even in Cannes, Fury covers everything on the British Boxing scene and gives arch-nemesis David Price both barrels.

A light-hearted moment from camp featuring the Fury family.

Training and working hard.

Eddie Chambers discussing his role as Fury and his team members talk boxing.

More family time.

Furthermore, Tyson wrestles with now-estranged cousin Hughie.

View all Tyson Fury and Fury Camp videos from his affiliation with World Boxing News between 2013 to 2015 HERE. Just search ‘Fury’ on the video page.

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