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SNAC founder Victor Conte gives immune system advice

SNAC CEO Victor Conte, world-famous sports nutritionist, and creator of the groundbreaking nighttime recovery supplement ZMA, is pleased to announce the launch of “Victor Conte’s Corner” on the SNAC website (

Featuring both text and video content, Conte’s Corner will draw on decades-long history working at the highest levels of professional sports and nutritional innovation.

This entertaining and educational platform will bring you Conte’s insights into the world of combat sports, sports nutrition, anti-doping, physical conditioning, and related subjects. Current events and topics including nutritional support for a healthy immune system in the fight against coronavirus will be featured.

Known for his revolutionary discoveries in micronutrient delivery systems, Conte will also share his knowledge on general health, wellness, and advancing human potential through nutritional interventions.

Conte’s Corner also plans to feature special guest contributors including Senior Editor Jim Schmaltz and Celebrity Nutritionist Rehan Jalali. You can look forward to exclusive content from SNAC’s stable of elite writers and experts to help you make more informed decisions in these uncertain times.