‘Get up, son!’ – Apollo ghost scrapped from Rocky Balboa spin-off ‘Creed’

There have been several moments in the life of Rocky Balboa that brought a tear to the eye. Mickey Goldmill’s appearance in Rocky V is one of many.

But there was one consideration from the most recent installment of franchise spin-off ‘Creed’ that may have polarized audiences.

A plan to have Carl Weathers return as Apollo in ‘Creed II’ was scrapped, WBN has now learned.

According to ‘Total Rocky’, Apollo was slated for a comeback in 2018.

If it had been green-lighted, the appearance would have been the first by Weathers since 1985. The last time Apollo was relevant on screens in any Rocky capacity was Rocky IV.

Creed fought formidable Russian Ivan Drago in an exhibition bout that went badly wrong.

Taking an almighty beating, Creed was killed in the heat of battle as Rocky contemplated throwing in the towel.

Eventually, Rocky avenged the loss in a Christmas Day slugfest with Drago on Russian soil. Since then, fans had given up any hope of seeing Creed in more than reminiscent photos on Balboa’s restaurant wall.

Two years ago, that was set to change. Creed was lined up to give son Adonis a boost as he recovered in hospital after his clash with Drago’s son. It may have been fitting and relevant to see such a vision.


Sadly, it wasn’t to be. The planned scene was cut from the final production.

Apollos was due to tell Adonis to, “Get up, son,” as he contemplated revenge on his now greatest rival.

As the movie’s director, Steven Caple explained, Apollo just didn’t have a place in the script.

“In regards to tone, it wasn’t on my level of where I was going with the film,” Caple said. “Sly had it in just as an idea we could use, but I thought it might throw people off.

“Then I was thinking what does Apollo wear? Is it Carl Weathers today or from back in ‘Rocky IV’?”

Rumors of a third ‘Creed’ film are already doing the rounds. Furthermore, Zach Baylin is one name being mentioned in terms of taking on the task.

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