Contenders Clothing – Going the Social Distance to help COVID-19 crisis

Contenders Clothing is proud to announce the creation of the Fighting for Fighters Fund, a new program that will put money directly, and immediately, into the hands of professional fighters affected by the current Covid-19 crisis.

With combat sports across the United States being suspended indefinitely, many fighters who earn a living competing professionally are self-employed contractors leaving them out of work and not eligible for state unemployment. While there is money earmarked for contract workers under the Cares Act, funds have been hard to, if not impossible, to access, leaving many working class fighters in dire need of assistance.

“While some well-known apparel companies are donating to large and mostly worldwide health organizations, we’ve yet to see any company directly help fighters.”, said Contenders Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Snyder.

“We have been embraced by professional fighters of all levels who have worn our boxer briefs and t-shirts at weigh ins and we truly consider anyone who wears us as part of our family. They’ve had our back and now it’s time to have theirs.”

Funding for Fighting for Fighters will come from the sales of an exclusive, ‘Go The Social Distance’ t-shirt created specifically as a fundraiser for the program. In addition, Contenders Clothing is giving 10% of every single sale throughout the entire month of April at directly into the fund.

Payments will go out the first week of May and will be divided equally from the overall amount Fighting for Fighters raises between all eligible fighters.

“We’ve come to find that fighters are special people in and out of the ring and not enough people understand their sacrifice. If Fighting for Fighters can literally buy groceries for a fighters’ family for a week or pay a utility bill at a time when they desperately need it, then we will consider it a success.”