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Sam Maxwell mimics Tyson Fury with uppercut to his own face

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Sam Maxwell continued his hilarious video output during coronavirus lockdown with his latest social media offering when mimicking Tyson Fury.

The British super-lightweight has been entertaining his fans with several sketches as quarantine continues and hits the nail on the head with his Monday post.

Taking to the bag in his back garden, Maxwell begins working away, only to uppercut himself in the face, Fury-style.

Maxwell wrote words accompanying the video, stating: “My Instagram live workouts are cancelled until further notice.”

Towards the end, Maxwell is seen nursing a drawn-on black-eye as a creasing consequence to his parody.

The incident brought back memories of a famous shot to the face by heavyweight champion Fury, who did similar earlier in his career.

It also happened on more than once occasion.

Despite Fury being ridiculed in some quarters for his blows, one of which landed right between his own eyes, ‘The Gypsy King’ now rules the heavyweight world.

Defeating Deontay Wilder in seven rounds earlier this year, Fury is the bonafide number one in his division.

Something Maxwell will no doubt be aiming to replicate once boxing gets underway once more.

Currently 13-0, Maxwell is thus far remembered for an astonishing comeback against Sabir Sediri in March 2019.

Down twice and behind on the cards, Maxwell was heading for a certain first loss with just fifteen seconds remaining.

Sediri even taunted Maxwell as the seconds ticked down to the final bell.

But one second later, and Maxwell completely laid own Sediri to the delight of the home crowd at Leicester Arena.

It was a standout moment for the 31-year-old.

Since then, Maxwell has claimed two more victories. One against far lesser opposition in Oscar Amador. Much-needed after a tough battle with Sediri.

Secondly, Maxwell halted the previously unbeaten Connor Parker in seven rounds.

Itching to get back in the ring, Maxwell is doing all he can to keep his followers entertained until he can finally get back in the gym.