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Manny Pacquiao tipped to follow Floyd Mayweather with virtual boxing deal

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World Boxing News understands Manny Pacquiao will be targeted for a virtual boxing deal after rival Floyd Mayweather broke new ground recently.

Mayweather signed a lucrative deal with fuboTV, FaceBank, and ONE Entertainment to use his likeness for simulated computerized match-ups.

Announcing the collaboration, the former pound-for-pound king said: “My team has always been the past, present, and future of sports and entertainment.

“Now, together with FaceBank, fuboTV, and ONE Entertainment, I am continuing that trend.”

As rumors swirl of a possible rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao in the real world, the Filipino Senator is tipped to be the next in line to pursue a venture.

Behind Mayweather, Pacquiao is the biggest name in boxing right now. Certainly only challenged by Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez.

It makes perfect sense for Pacquiao to be involved in some capacity. Especially as fuboTV and FaceBank plan several huge Pay-Per-View bouts.

FaceBank, behind the graphics side of the deal, says they are seeking ways to put together a “realistic, computer-generated ‘digital likeness’ of Mayweather. For use on “global and commercial applications.”

Meanwhile, FuboTV CEO David Gandler is looking forward to working with Mayweather. Furthermore, it will be a trip into uncharted waters for the sport.

“Just last week, fuboTV and FaceBank closed our merger with FaceBank’s tech-driven IP in sports, movies, and live performances, and fuboTV’s direct-to-consumer live TV streaming platform for cord-cutters. We’re already making strides towards building the kind of digital entertainment company we envisioned,” he said.


“Our joint venture with Floyd Mayweather and ONE Entertainment makes possible a few of the greatest fights of all time that never happened. Fights that could have never happened…until now.

“Undefeated in the ring after so many years, Mayweather can now step up to compete in the hyper-realistic world of virtual competition. He can challenge the legends of boxing in hyper-real simulated boxing matches with outcomes that will be as surprising to the fighters as to a live global audience.”

Pacquiao would be a welcome addition to any roster, A line-up that could also include many legends of the past.

Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, and many more are set to be transformed into virtual characters by FaceBank. That’s if deals can be agreed upon at some point.

Is it the future? – You decide.