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Floyd Mayweather Pay-Per-View venture takes boxing to uncharted waters

Floyd Mayweather is set to be back in the ring very soon, but not as you know it. The former pound for pound king is heading into uncharted waters with his latest Pay-Per-View venture.

The ‘Money’ man has signed up to compete on a news series pitting legends against each other. The project will be broadcast on streaming platform fuboTV. It’s put together by virtual entertainment company FaceBank.

A VR version or ‘e’ Mayweather will be in action after the American agreed on a deal to allow his likeness to be used. The actual amount to be paid has not yet been released, but knowing Mayweather, it will be at least seven figures.


Outlining what the PPV contract will entail, fuboTV and FaceBank assured fans they’ll do all they can to make the outcome of the bouts as realistic as possible.

“Resembling short films. These precise, real-time simulations will feature top-secret results based on a modeling computer. This computer will make incremental relationships between actual performance. It will use the velocity of punches, speed of reaction, strategy and stamina,” they said.

On the TV side of things, it was added that: “These unprecedented virtual boxing matches will be exclusive to live TV streaming platform fuboTV. Pay-per-view partners are to be announced.”

It’s not only Mayweather who will be on the roster despite Floyd leading the way, as usual. Other boxing stars of the past are also in talks to sign up.



Without details, it’s hard to gauge who. Although you’d expected the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis to get the call.

Others could include George Foreman and Joe Frazier. Possibly fighters still competing today in Manny Pacquiao and Canelo. Who knows?

Those who are no longer with us, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis – to name a few, would no doubt hold keen interest too.

The move follows demand for eBoxing during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. And comes after the World Boxing Super Series used Playstation video platforms through ‘Fight Night Champion’ to stage their own tournament during the lockdown.

This collaboration promises to be much more sophisticated. With Mayweather onboard, surely there will be plenty clamoring to see if the five-weight world title-holder can protect his amazing 50-0 record in the virtual world.

How long interest will hold, though, is anyone’s guess once real full-blooded boxing returns.

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