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Fury vs Wilder III: Tyson’s Fairytale of Las Vegas

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World Boxing News set off to Las Vegas in February, expecting to witness a similar event to the first Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder bout fourteen months prior.

Having missed the Los Angeles clash, Nevada was firmly on the itinerary from day one of 2019 when the WBN schedule was confirmed.

Wilder’s two fights, one in New York versus Dominic Breazeale and one in Vegas against Luis Ortiz, were chosen over Fury’s more feeble efforts opposite Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin. Manny Pacquiao’s battle with Keith Thurman was the other event penciled in.

Without a doubt, it was the Fury vs Wilder rematch which brought the most anticipation.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas

Landing in the Boxing Capital of the World with time to garner the terrific atmosphere, Fury vs Wilder II had a definite edge.

After seeing familiar faces everywhere, you turned because anyone wanted to see this heavyweight blockbuster. Dinner was enjoyed at the following table by a world-champion trio.

After a brief catch-up with Mauricio Sulaiman sitting at Wolfgang Puck getting on with World Boxing Council Presidential duties, it was time to eat. Just a few feet away sat a world title-winning group.

Andre Berto joined Andre and Anthony Dirrell as they tucked into the pre-fight meal. Then came fight night.

The Garden Arena was jam-packed to the rafters. A full house of over 16,000 crammed into the most famous venue in our great sport.

After a relatively tame undercard came to the treat, top division legends Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, and Evander Holyfield were presented with special medals by the WBC.

Three of the greatest of our time took a bow. The capacity crowd applauded wildly. That was just the appetizer.

It was Fury’s turn to make his entrance. Some ring walk [or carry on] it was.

Coming out to Patsy Cline’s excellent track ‘Crazy’ – a definite reference to his days of depression and mental issues, Fury had already crowned himself the ‘King of Boxing.’ Little did we know that he would be correct from the get-go.

A majestic ring entrance is befitting for somebody who knew exactly what would happen once that first bell rang. Truly regal.

Brazen as you like, Fury went from ‘The Gypsy King’ to ‘All-Around King’ in just a few rounds.

Fury dominated Wilder

The Briton did precisely what he said he was going to do. At times he even toyed with Wilder in there. Licking his neck, pulling tongues at Wilder, and landing blows not usually associated with his style. Fury proved what a great move it was to link up with SugarHill Steward.

Questioned beforehand on his decision to switch trainers so late on, Fury was fully justified as he gave Wilder an unexpected beatdown over seven painful rounds.

We couldn’t believe what we witnessed from our position in the arena.

That barnstormer of a fight was utterly devoid from the off as Fury battered a lackluster and sluggish Wilder into submission.

Fury reigned supreme. He thoroughly deserved his victory.

On the way back through the MGM lobby, it was chaos as Fury fans chanted for their man. All felt fully justified for their support. It was one of the best performances in a heavyweight title bout.

Even 24 hours later, the UK fans were celebrating a great win, for now, two-time world title-holder.


On that Sunday afternoon, there was no way Fury was leaving via the back door.

Knowing thousands of his cheerleaders were still gambling in the casino and enjoying the post-fight festivities, Fury emerged from his hotel room to walk out the front door.

Immediately, he was mobbed and surrounded.

Graciously, Fury signed autographs and posed for a few pictures. But he needed to return to his plush, relaxed suburban mansion.

It’s a testament that he at least wanted to mingle with the fans for a short while, being the man of the people he is.

All remains set for the trilogy between October 2020 and February 2021.

Surely we will see a different Wilder?

Knowing Fury, we’ll probably see an entirely new ‘Gyspy King’ too, as he attempts to write another fairytale chapter in the desert.

It was some weekend.

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