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Ex-champ Gary Sykes plans 1m burpees challenge over 5-8 years

Former British champion Gary Sykes has undertaken a mammoth task over the past few days, one that could take the Dewsbury man a decade to complete.

The 36-year-old, who retired in 2016 following defeat to Luke Campbell, is finding something positive to do with his time after battling his demons of late.

Sykes was due to attend Sporting Chance Rehab Centre until the coronavirus hit and is now urging fans to join him in his quest.

A two-time Lonsdale Belt holder, Sykes hopes to complete one million burpees over the next few years.

“Released I need to achieve something so I’m starting counting burpees and I will hit a million,” stated Sykes. “Wonder how long that will take?

“Does anybody want to get on my million challenge? It’s a 5-8 year plan, no cheating! Just continue to do burpees whenever you like and constantly keep your count!”

Sykes outlined his state of mind was sound despite polarizing comments to what is a huge undertaking and a long-term commitment.

“So this is me before coronavirus does one and I can actually start Sporting Chance rehab. All roads lead to rehab,” he added.

“Please, everybody, get involved. It’s all positive. Imagine in 5-8 years you could tell some divvy in the put you’ve done a Million Burpees

“God, everybody thinks my head as gone. But you should have tried speaking to me a year ago I was in the dumps. I’d have made you cry!

“I’m doing great guys just get on with my challenge.”


Concluding with another battle cry before another round of burpees, Sykes said: “After my video, everybody thinks I’m losing it, messages asking if I’m alright the lot. Not a chance. I’m doing a million burpees I don’t care what no one says!”

During his career, Sykes fought a who’s who of the feather, super-feather and lightweight divisions. Opponents included Derry Mathews, Anthony Crolla, Tommy Coyle, Terry Flanagan, Carl Johanneson, Gary Buckland, Liam Walsh and finally Campbell.

WBN would like to wish Gary well in his quest.

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