Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa New Zealand clash hits negotiational problems

Phil Jay 09/04/2020
Joseph Parker Junior Fa

📸 Ed Mulholland

Joseph Parker and his team are hoping to be straight back in action once the coronavirus pandemic is under control in the former world champion’s home of New Zealand.

The one-time WBO heavyweight champion has been entertaining the masses with viral videos as Parker quarantines with his family, although manager David Higgins is on the lookout for a historic encounter.

Fellow-Kiwi Junior Fa, also on lockdown in the native country. But as of now, New Zealand has recorded just one death from almost one thousand confirmed cases.

Some are prediction social distancing measures could be relaxed in the next couple of weeks, meaning boxing could return to the region in a couple of months.

Higgins wants Parker vs Fa to kick-off a new era of hope in a post-COVID-19 world but says the potential opponent is pricing himself out.

“I’ve been thinking about how we all get back on the horse,” confirmed Higgins. “For us, Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa – both Top Ten ranked heavyweights, could make history.

“It could be one of the world’s first post-COVID shows. Broadcast from a New Zealand city later this year and via Satellite TV to the world.

“Everyone could make money, including employees and suppliers. But right now Junior Fa and his team are killing any deal. Their side wants vastly more money than Joseph Parker.

“They are asking for a stratospheric amount, nearly one million dollars!

“To Junior Fa and his team, there is no dignity in calling for the Parker fight for two years and then pricing yourself out completely. You might as well put up the white flag now.

“Parker and his promoter Matchroom are ready to make this happen if you’re willing to step up!”

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Adding his thoughts on the fight, Parker said: “My team are hard at work locking in the next fight. Whoever, whenever, I’m ready!

“Just gotta beat COVID-19 first!”


Parker vs Fa, potentially in June or July, would be a welcome distraction for boxing fans in the west too. Due to the outbreak and severity in both the United States and United Kingdom, the coronavirus crisis is set to be a much longer slog.

As WBN predicted, it could be at least August until a first bell rings in anger for a fully-organized boxing event.

The sport could turn their attention to New Zealand and neighbors Australia in the interim in order to get their fight fix until all restrictions are lifted.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay