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Home » Frank Warren breaks silence on Tyson Fury glove tampering talk

Frank Warren breaks silence on Tyson Fury glove tampering talk

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Promoter Frank Warren is not impressed with conspiracy theories regarding possible Tyson Fury glove tampering versus Deontay Wilder.

Since the rematch on February 22nd, Wilder protestors had taken to YouTube to start rumors Fury may have cheated in the FIRST fight.

These allegations found their way into the mainstream media after being hammered on Twitter and other platforms.

Warren sat back, watched, and observed before finally breaking his silence this week.

Frank Warren on Tyson Fury’s gloves

Warren said to BT Sport, “Have you ever heard such nonsense in your life?

“First, the boxers wrap their hands in an agreed amount of bandage and tape between the camps.

“When they wrap their hands, the people there are Tyson’s camp, his trainer, and the guy covering his hands.

“You’ve got someone from local from the commission. In the background, you’ve got the drug testing guys who are with you all the time, plus there is someone from the other camp watching and inspecting to make sure they are happy with the way the hands are wrapped.

“That’s undoubtedly why someone from Tyson’s camp was in Wilder’s dressing room.

“Then they warm up. When it comes to putting the gloves on, they put the gloves on, the commissioner signs the gloves on the tape, and in the case of the last fight, there was someone from the camp there.

“So once those hands are in that glove, how can you move your hand? It’s impossible. It’s stupid. I don’t know what planet they are on to come up with stuff like that.

“I’ve seen the footage; all it is is an open glove. It’s just pathetic.

“The best man won on the night end of the story. No excuses, nothing about costumes or whatever else. On the night, the best man won.”


Some professionals have joined the ranks of the accusers in recent weeks, including former Fury opponent Steve Cunningham.

‘USS’ has been highly vocal with his view that Fury’s hand was not inside his glove against Wilder. Others, like another ex-world champion, Ishe Smith, don’t agree.

‘Sugar Shay’ was abused due to his stance that ‘The Gypsy King’ absolutely did nothing wrong.

Fury’s former cornerman, Jorge Capetillo, also released a video exclusively with WBN to explain his thoughts on the situation.