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Home » Andy Ruiz Jr. viciously trolled, fat-shamed after training motto

Andy Ruiz Jr. viciously trolled, fat-shamed after training motto

The horrific abuse and fat-shaming of former unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. are showing no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Predominantly from United Kingdom trolls, Ruiz is viciously berated nearly every time he updates fans of social media.

Ruiz has suffered some form of weight jibes for most of his career, as he obviously doesn’t look like the average boxer. But since defeating and humbling Anthony Joshua in New York on June 1st, the shocking and vile verbal diarrhea has significantly worsened.

The latest? – An innocent post from the Mexico hero stating his intention to Train. Eat. Sleep and Repeat during the coronavirus lockdown.

Andy Ruiz Jr trolled

Detractors instantly came up with their own version in order to show their dislike for Ruiz Jr.

One said predictably: “Eat eat eat repEAT.” – There were far more to follow.


“That’s about right for Andy Ruiz. Train sleep and eat more Tacos,” said another.

“Train to Dominos. Eat. Train to home. Sleep. Repeat.”

“Just go easy on the eat part tiger.”

“Train. Eat 14 Snickers. Sleep. Repeat.”

“Is this a joke? Most unprofessional man in boxing after Dave Allen telling us he lives the life.”

“Andy, you need to get your skin checked. It’s too thick. You take too much abuse on twitter and rightly so but your skin is very loose too. You’re only 29/30 not good once you hit 35 you’ll need to apply for sumo license.”

“Don’t lie. Your routine is: Eat. Eat. Eat.”


Amongst the hate, there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Some showed their support for Ruiz.

“Probably the most naturally talented heavyweight boxers I’ve seen in the last few years. I’ve watched all your previous fights. Please show the world how good you are.”

“Get that belt back champ.”

“Make a come back, Andy.”

“Train to eat, sleep then repeat! Joking aside come back strong champ don’t over-eat. You’ll be mixing it with the best heavyweights.”

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