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Dana White reacts to UFC 249 hate, unfazed by drama

Dana White has responded to calls by the vast majority of the combat planet to cancel his forthcoming plans to stage UFC 249.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship supremo appeared on a recent podcast with Frank Warren, where he defended his right to put the event on.

This is despite the United States being in the grip of a National Emergency and a World Health Organization pandemic.

New York City, one of the most prominent states in the USA, is currently the epicenter. This has left many scratching their heads at White’s persistence.

Ignoring the hate he’s been getting, White seems hell-bent to plow on with the April 18 event.

Speaking to Warren, White said: “Let’s start figuring out how we beat (coronavirus). How do we get back to normal and live our normal lives again?

“I’m not going to be afraid to be the first guy to jump straight out and getting s— together again. Start putting on fights, putting on sporting events that you can watch on TV or pay-per-view.

Adding that the decision had nothing to do with money, he stated: “I don’t even need to do this s— anymore. I do this because I f—— love it.

“I do this because this is what I believe I was put on this Earth to do. I’m doing what I believe should be done.

“Guys should be playing baseball right now. Okay, don’t have any fans. Limit the number of people who are around the court. Make sure these guys are healthy and good to play.”

Dana White

Saving his most controversial comments for last, White didn’t seem too fussed about getting the disease that’s devastating the world’s population.

“Something’s gonna kill us. I’m probably going to have a heart attack. If the coronavirus is going to kill me, get the coronavirus! Something’s going to f—— going to get us eventually.”

Top Rank boss Bob Arum has already blasted White for his comments.

The 88-year-old Hall of Famer said White had ‘flawed intelligence’ and ‘should be ashamed of himself’ in an interview with CBS.

Where UFC 249 will take place is set to be announced soon.