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Home » Divisive heavyweight Jarrell Miller and five ‘punks’ who ‘talked junk’

Divisive heavyweight Jarrell Miller and five ‘punks’ who ‘talked junk’

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American heavyweight Jarrell Miller has come out swinging months after the fallout of his 2019 failed clash with Anthony Joshua.

After admitting several charges of steroid abuse, Miller faced no formal suspension because he didn’t possess a boxing license.

Missing out on the Joshua fight and losing millions of dollars has had to be deemed as punishment enough for Miller.

‘Big Baby’ has since signed a lucrative deal with Top Rank and Bob Arum ahead of his anticipated comeback. Miller is even lined up as a future opponent of WBC title holder Tyson Fury.

But during the current lockdown, Miller took it upon himself to single out those he says was too vocal regarding his failed tests.

Jarrell Miller

Miller had no problem naming names.

“There are certain athletes in the boxing game that use my name. If you can’t say it to my face, I know you’re a punk,” Miller told “Ninety-nine point nine percent of the people you see in the boxing world would never look my way and say something to my face – that’s the kind of characters they are.

“A lot of fighters were talking junk; Andre Ward, Billy-Joe Saunders, Tony Bellew, Deontay Wilder, and Eddie Hearn.

“A lot of fighters were running their mouth who didn’t know s**t about this situation.

“Deontay was running his mouth, and his brother got popped for something (not steroids). As I said, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, and you must do your homework.

“When Dillian White got in trouble, I said: don’t jump to conclusions. You got to do your homework. Ninety-nine percent of fighters are talking straight bull—- and they have no structure in what they’re saying.”

On regaining his place as the top championship contender, Miller added: “I am number two in the world.

“The only reason I am not number one is that I don’t have a belt. I know I am a better fighter than all of these guys.

“I’m better than AJ; I’m better than Tyson (Fury). I’m better than Deontay. I only call myself number two because I don’t have that belt.

“I’m going to be world champ,” he concluded.

A return to action was expected to happen for Miller this spring. Due to the coronavirus, September could now be the new target.