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Home » No malice: Domestic abuse sufferer backs Billy Joe Saunders in video row

No malice: Domestic abuse sufferer backs Billy Joe Saunders in video row

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Billy Joe Saunders has been backed in an angry row over a video posted in jest regarding domestic abuse during the coronavirus quarantine.

The WBO super-middleweight champion has been suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control and condemned in some quarters for joking about a very sensitive subject.

There are also rumors the Briton will lose a contracted fight with Canelo Alvarez. The fight was originally set to happen on May 2 in Las Vegas.

As the debate rumbles on prior to any punishment being laid out, a sufferer has spoken out in favor of Saunders.

“I have suffered domestic abuse and understand people’s anger. But I also know there was no malice in your video,” she said to Saunders. “It should be taken for what it was ….. a joke. Love to you and yours.”

Saunders’ trainer Ben Davison welcomed the response to the Hatfield man, by stating: “A very adult sensible reply. Nice to see for a change, to be honest.”

A debate then opened up on the original backing as the woman continued to fight the corner of Saunders.


“Classy response Claire…..If only more people had your way of thinking. It’s the world we live in now, unfortunately, snowflakes everywhere. Sorry to hear you have had to live through domestic abuse as no one should have to go through that ordeal. Take care,” said one reply to Claire.

Claire: “Thanks. Like I said before it’s all about perspective. Everyone is different but you have to take things as they are meant.

“Fair play to you Claire. Billy Joe said was it intended as a joke to lighten the current situation and been blown out of proportion. Thankfully people like yourself see it that way, although sorry you have been through this but respect for seeing it as it is a joke and backing him.”

Claire: “Definitely. Just because you experience something terrible does not mean you lose perspective and absence of humor.”

Despite Claire’s kind words, another sufferer spoke up on her ordeal and wasn’t on board with the sentiment.

“Nope. I’ve experienced domestic violence as well. His video even though it was a joke, was not in good taste,” she said.

“Jokes as such normalize domestic violence, something that should not be normalized under any circumstances. The more it is normalized the less it will be taken seriously.”