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‘The Fight Guys’ Peter Kahn, Brian Mazique partner with FITE TV

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The Fight Guys®, Peter Kahn and Brian Mazique have teamed with FITE, one of the premier digital streaming platforms in the world for combat sports, to deliver exclusive content to fans around the world, it was announced today.

Kahn and Mazique will present a unique brand of content that stems from their comprehensive involvement in the business of boxing and combat sports. Their combined experience spans decades of promoting, managing and marketing. Having their fingers on the pulse of the sport, together they have unparalleled access to exclusive content and access from insiders. Their diversity and background provide debate that inspires dialogue among themselves and their audience. The partnership with FITE allows The Fight Guys to engage with combat sports enthusiasts around the world.

“The partnership between FITE and The Fight Guys is a perfect fit,” said Kahn. “Brian and I have created a specific brand of content over the past two years with our existing YouTube channel that will now be featured weekly on one of the leading digital streaming platforms in the world for combat sports. I couldn’t be happier that our brand will now have the ability to reach the 2.5 million subscribers worldwide via the FITE TV platform.”

Kahn is a boxing insider with over 25 years in the business as a promoter and manager. He was a 2019 Boxing Writers Association of America Manager of the Year nominee and is an authority on all things associated with the sweet science. He is also a contributor for Forbes, CBS Sportsline and is associate producer of the Netflix Original Series Fightworld.

“I’m thrilled to have our content featured on an outstanding platform like FITE,” said Mazique. “Our discussion of relevant topics in boxing, MMA and professional wrestling, in addition to interviews with people in the combat sports world, fits perfectly with FITE’s already diverse library of content.”

Mazique is a longtime sportswriter, life-long boxing purist and unapologetic gamer. He’s been covering combat sports for over ten years for Bleacher Report,, Forbes, and YouTube as one half of The Fight Guys in addition to various gaming related platforms.

“As a company, FITE has always sought out the best leagues, athletes and brands to partner with, “said FITE COO, Michael Weber, “Once we saw what Peter and Brian were creating with The Fight Guys, we knew we had to bring them onto the FITE platform. We’re very excited to see what we can do together.”