MTK Global secure link-up with Latvian boxing company LNK

RINGSIDE 01/04/2020

MTK Global is proud to confirm a partnership with the leading company in Latvian boxing, LNK.

LNK promote and manage #GoldenContract semi-finalist Ricards Bolotniks among a host of Latvia’s biggest names in a sport rapidly emerging as a source of national pride.

Already staging around five shows a year and operating four of the country’s leading gyms, LNK Boxing’s co-founder Vadim Milov is eager to take the next step with MTK Global.

Milov said: “We hope the collaboration with MTK Global will provide better opportunities for our boxers both in terms of participating in international events and training with the world’s best MTK Global boxers.

“We are also looking forward to co-promoting boxing events both in Latvia and in its neighbouring countries.

“After Mairis Breidis’ exploits prompted a dramatic rise in the popularity of boxing here, we partnered with the WBSS to stage a show attended by 10,000 spectators at Arena Riga. Before that, only hockey enjoyed such popularity. There are many boxing talents such as Bolotniks, Nikolajs Grisunins, Arturs Gorlovs, Jevgenijs Aleksejevs, Oskars Grosmanis, Marcis Grundulis, Francis Rozentals and more.

“Now, in partnership with MTK Global – a leading player in the world with more power and experience than LNK, we hope to bring a brighter future for Latvian boxing. We hope to raise new world champions, new national heroes and great representatives of the sport.”

MTK Global Vice-President Jamie Conlan said: “We’re delighted with this deal and we welcome Vadim and his excellent team. We’re confident of doing some great work together.

“Latvian boxing has its figurehead in Mairis Breidis but we saw from Bolotniks’ performance in the Golden Contract quarter-finals that Breidis is far from being the country’s only fighter with world-level potential. It’s exciting to have this opportunity to accelerate the rise of the sport over there.”

News of the first event yielded by the new partnership will be confirmed in due course.